Yeti and Black Sheep

イエティI’m not a sheep, though I look like it.

Calling me a sheep is the same as calling a boa constrictor digesting an elephant a hat. They shouldn’t be deceived by looks.

I’m often asked what I am if I’m not a sheep. But when I answer that I’m a yeti, they laugh saying, “You are obviously a sheep.” How rude! I am a yeti. The old lady who made me says so.

reunionToday, I met my kind for the first time. I felt happy. But…he is called Black sheep and he thinks himself as one too. Does it mean he is a sheep? Or he just might not know that he is a yeti, I wondered. I am confused… What makes a yeti and a sheep different?

I heard 2015 is the year of the sheep. It is a time sheep can be a center of attention once in 12 years. It means that Black sheep has the spotlight. Shouldn’t I be content to be thought as a sheep? Yetis cannot get so much attention anyway. No, it’s not right. I’m a yeti. I suppose I am… but….now I don’t know…

                                       — From Yeti’s diary.

There is a shop called Lolocitoa in Izukogen, which deals with fair-trade products. The shop has a café too. Whenever I visit that fabulous shop, I enjoy loosing track of time. This Yeti was sitting in front of the cashier with a price card with the message: “ This is not a sheep.” I thought it was funny and every time I passed the cashier, I pointed to it and said to my friend whom I went with: “Hey, this is not a sheep. Can you believe it?” She laughed at me and said, “You should buy it if you care about that thing so much.” I wasn’t going to buy it because it didn’t seem useful at all, but I actually did after all, like having a sudden impulse to add some sweets by cashier in your cart.

I heard that the two yetis had been made by an old, energetic Nepalese lady. She asserted that they were not sheep, but a yeti. The shop owner told me that she just took one because she thought the two yetis couldn’t be sold, even though she didn’t want to discourage the old lady. The owner was pleased that I decided to buy the yeti because she assumed that the yeti would stay in the shop forever. I felt good to hear that. Since then this yeti was sitting at the corner of my room. One day, I found that one of my friends put a black yeti’s picture on Facebook, and it got a lot of likes. However, he was called a black sheep, not a yeti without question. What!?

What makes a yeti a yeti and what makes a black sheep a black sheep? The other day, those two met for the first time. They are so identical.

I assume that he pretends to be a black sheep, but in truth, he must be a black yeti. On the other hand, facing his own kind and the coming year of sheep, my yeti is facing an identity crisis.


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