What Would Medakas Be When They Grow Up?

         A few days ago at a nearby flowershop, I found a lotus planted in a big n a big plastic pot with two buds. I was amazed to found out that it was possible to grow a lotus like that, which is one of my favorite flowers. So I bought it on impulse. The lady in the flower shop poured out the water in the pod, and put it in a big shopping bag for me. I pushed myself hard and brought it to the balcony of my apartment. When I put water into the pot, it turned into an instant pond. Hitting on a good idea, I bought five medakas at a pet store and released them in the pond.

 I had medakas a few years ago. I had found a variety of gold fish sold at a stall on the Jizo street in Sugamo. Maybe I was feeling lonely at the time. Having goldfish as a pet seemed to be a good idea. But I ended up buying ten medakas taking advice from the vender because he said medakas have the ability to endure a variety of environments and would be easier to keep. I fed them every day, often changed the water and they were fine for a while. However, there was the enemy, the mid-summer. When I came home one night, I found one medaka, which had been swimming energetically, floating with eyes like dried whitebait. One after another, medakas died and then there became none. I felt sad, feeling like I was a woman who was not even able to keep medakas. So I had been restraining myself until now.

So far, medakas are very much alive. Every time I look into the pod for feeding, I wish none of them were floating like a dried whitebait.

When I told someone that I started feeding medakas, she asked me “Wow. What do medakas become when they grow up?” She meant it. Holding my laughter, I told her that medakas would be medakas, and remembered a song by Warabe, a Japanese singer group.

Medaka siblings live in the river. illust34 What do you become when you grow up?

I would be a koi carp when I grow up.  I would be a whale when I grow up.

Sounds full of hope and fantasy. However, the ending is like this.

But when they grow up, they are medakas swimming smoothly 

 It wakes you up and makes you face the reality. After a moment sadness, I am convinced. Yeah, that is right. Medaka cannot be a koi carp, nor a whale. A medaka is a medaka. I think it is important to know that. Medakas have their goods too. They can swim smoothly. They are wonderful creatures, I think. 

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