Drinking at Omoide Yokocho


It was literally after 5. I had been stressed out so much these days.

I simply could not go home without drinking at this early hour.

The kushiyaki-place that I had wanted to go came to my mind, so I headed to Omoide Yokocho in Shinjuku.

The kushiyaki-place, Kabuto, serves grilled eels.

Was it because of the erliness, but a seat was available.

I visited this place once some years ago, but since then, I didn’t have a chance to come because this place was always packed whenever I walked by.


“You should visit Kabuto if you live in Tokyo.” 
It was one married couple that told me so when I visited their restaurant in Yamagata. 

I still remember how the wife told me how she met her quiet husband too.

It was quite impressive. It had been the time there was no word “Konkatsu”, or marriage hunting.

As a young lady, she visited Yamagata on her own and liked the place very much.

Born and raised in Tokyo, she wanted to marry a man who lived in countryside.

So she went to the village office and asked them to introduce some bachelors in the village.

写真 4

As a result, she had blind dates with some men in the village.

But contrary to her original wishes, they all wanted to take her to cafes and other fancy places. Having dreamed of the county life, she was disappointed and almost gave up hope.

Then he came.

When they met each other for the first time, he drove her for the long way to the mountains.

She got a little bit nervous, wondering where he was taking her.

Then the beautiful green appeared, and he told her, “You see, there is a wonderful place in the country like this.”

写真 2

An oil lampshade that makes you feel the history/

写真 1

The glass had cool taste.

Hearing his saying so, she felt certain that he was the one. 

When she went back to Tokyo, she took him with her and introduced him to her parents. How quick!

Her father who was a scholarly person asked him what kind books he read.

Her husband in young days answered “Jump and Magazine.” 
※ Those are the name of Japanese comic magazines.

After a moment, her father said, “Well, I don’t read English books.” 

Though there were gaps in their conversation, her father liked his personality and approved their marriage.

I guess that people who know what they want like hercan get what they want.


Eriyaki. You can enjoy two way of grilling.

All I knew was I wanted to eat eels with drinks.

The lass with the shop’s name on it, which came with a bottle beer looked good.

I ordered a full set.

Eriyaki (neck), Hireyaki (fin), Kimoyaki (inners) and one-bite grilled eel were served one after another. 

It was a shame that rebayaki(liver) sold out but, they were as delicious as they used to be.

Their flavors were not so much strong as they looked.

I was very satisfied when I left.

I should come this shop during the daytime to have a rebayaki.

Omoide Yokocho seemes to be popular among foreign tourists too.


Foreigners wearing backpacks were going back and forth on the streetsLooking for a place to visit, I fond a interesting one.

It was pettitoes house “Rakugaki”. As a matter of fact, I love pettitoes!

I chose it as the second place to go in. I ordered Shochu highball, a dish that serves half pettitoes and half Kobukuro sashimi (pork of beef uterus), and Senmai sashimi(beef omasum).

Pettitoes has plenty of collagen.

The Kobukuros were crunchy. The Senmais were very fresh. They were very delicious. I liked how the shop had my favorite dishes. This place is nice for drinking on my own. I’m sure I will come back this place.

When I left home, my stress was completely relieved.

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