Cherry Blossoms in Bloom

kero08The flowering of cherry blossoms was officially announced. In a few days, cherry blossoms will bloom all at once.

The other day, I went out for a drink with one of my friends, who is my neighbor and the same age as I. Ever since we became friends a few years ago by coincidence, we often go out for drinks together. It is great to have a friend like her because we don’t have to care about catching the last train or putting on make-up.

On the way back home, she said, “ Look, ” and stopped in front of a cherry blossom by the roadside. The young and still thin cherry blossom was already in full bloom.

“ Oh, she did it again.”

We nodded in agreement.

Last spring, and this spring too, the gaps between the highs and lows of the temperature has been big. During winter, it became very warm for a couple of days like spring and then return to a very cold winter again.

The same cherry blossom we were talking about bloomed very early last spring. We saw some other young cherry blossoms reaching full bloom at early stages too. When most of cherry blossoms bloomed with the arrival of spring, those young cherry blossoms had already fallen and all was left were its leaves.

I suppose the old cherry blossoms know spring better. The cycle of cold days followed by warm ones is already instilled in them. So they are not swayed by the fake spring. I guess their amount of experiences is bigger than the young cherry blossoms.

We recalled talking about the same subject last year in front of this tree.

“Maybe, she was flattered with herself because of the little bit of warmth.”

“She is still young.”

We giggled and hurried home.

We finished drinking earlier than usual because we both had early mornings the next day. Maybe we’ve become more mature. Or, we know we would end up cursing ourselves next morning if we didn’t call off the party at that point.

Coming across a long row of cherry blossoms, we looked up at them and found that they were not flowering at all yet. They know the right time to bloom and they are waiting for it. It was impressive.

But still, I think the young cherry blossoms should bloom when they want to. Spring will come again and again.

To be honest, we admire the young cherry blossom in full bloom which we were distancing from.


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