New Year’s Greeting


I’m not a sheep but it doesn’t matter, does it!?

Happy new year!

I have kept blogging though I didn’t update often in the last couple of months.

The encouragements and comments from my readers made that possible. I really appreciate them. Thank you.

I will keep writing this year too. Please visit this blog sometimes.

I want to make 2015 a year of leaping progress. I also want to update this blog on a specific day of the week.

I wish you have a wonderful year. Yoroshiku.

January 1, 2015




Man and Woman are Fifty-Fifty

BooksThe other day, Jakucho Setouchi was on a variety TV program. I was looking forward it from the day before, wondering what kind of comments she would make about the recent gossips in show business.

As I wrote in After the rain, what she said in NHK’s life counseling program made a significant impression to me.

The consulter was a woman who was emotionally and mentally distressed because her husband had an affair with her sister and she felt completely felt betrayed by them. Her story was nothing but a tragedy, and most of people must have felt sorry for her and taken her side. I was one of them and felt much offense as her. But when the interviewer asked Jakucho for her opinion, she plainly replied, “Man and woman are fifty-fifty(even).”

“50 / 50 / Maybe” / 人流指示之形 Human Logistics Signage Forms / SML.20130303.7D.24958

I was astonished when I heard this. I still remember that the interviewer seemed to be shocked too, bending towards Jakucho as if she was going to argue against that comment. Not only the interviewer, but most women including me must have felt the same: Why? The man is a horrible person!

But Jakucho, smiling, repeated, herself.

Yeah, maybe she is right. There is no way that either one is the only to be blamed. It takes two to tango.

I was early twenties at that time and much more ignorant of relationships than I am now. But I thought I should remember those words. It could be applied to any kind of relationships, not just between men and women.

Since then, the word by Jakucho is on the top of my inner quotes of wisdom list in my heart.

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After the rain

It stopped raining, broke into sunshine, and a big rainbow appeared. The air cleansed by the rain felt so nice. I recalled a word of wisdom that a boy I once saw on a TV variety program mentioned. “Mr. Tanaka, you know what? Rainy days never stay!” It might sound like a cliché and he might have just read if off from script. Even so, it got to me since I felt down at that time. I sent a text to one of my workmate and told him about it. He replied: “ That’s right. It is also said that the night is long that never finds the day.”

That was impressive. People seem to have words of wisdom in them. What is yours? Now, I have several words of wisdom in me. The most stunning one is by Jakucho Setouchi, a famous Buddhist nun and writer. She said it in a life counseling program of NHK, Japan Broadcasting Corporation. However, I’ll talk about it another time.


photo by: homer4k