Gordon Lam ( 林家棟 ) in Cold War

I haven’t updated this blog for a moth. Well, let’s leave that as it may be.

I went to see a Hong Kong movie, Cold War in Shinjuku. Normally I wouldn’t but this time I bought an advanced ticket, as it would come with the movie’s postcard.寒戦postcard To be honest, I already watched the movie several months before on a flight, because its blurb sounded so attractive. It said Cold War  exceeded Infernal Affair, the original story of Academy Awarded-winning Departed.

I developed a huge crush for one of characters whose name was Arnold played by Gordon Lam. Since then, I have become his fan. Sometimes I look vide interviews on You Tube and watch them, even though I have no idea what he is talking about. It gives me bittersweet feelings.

Gordon Lam has played supporting roles in movies starring Andy Lau or ones directed by Johnnie To. He looks so different depending on which character he plays. I remember someone saying “Emma Thompson is Emma Thompson in every film,” which was why the actress was not his favorite. Some actors look exactly the same no matter what character they play. But Gordon Lam is never that kind. I think he is a really good and attractive actor.

If only I could see Gordon Lam in person! Right now I feel as if I were a teenage girl who is in love with a pop idol.

I haven’t mentioned the storyline of Cold War so far, but I would say it’s enjoyable enough. Tony Leung Ka-fai’s dazzling performance definitely makes the movie lively and it is worth watching.

One thing, Arnold’s last scene is a bit disappointing though.