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The Elephant Story

     Everybody has a story that he or she sometimes remember and wonders “What was that all about?” I have such a story, and it’s called “ The Elephant Story”.

     “You know, that boy used to have an elephant at home,” is what my junior peer had said to me in high school while pointing at her childhood friend. The boy, who was standing a little bit far from us, was so shy that I rarely had talked to him.


     Although our hometown is full of nature, there is no way to keep an elephant at an ordinary home, I thought. So I didn’t buy it at first, even though she insisted that it was true. One day his father took an elephant on a truck, she said. She even swore she had fed the elephant before as a neighbor.

     Kids sometimes mix up memories. So I thought she must have mistook another creature for an elephant. However, she claimed that the creature was a color of a puddle and also made a trumpeting sound like an elephant.

     That is indeed an elephant, I was convinced then.

     According to her, unfortunately the elephant died soon after being bought. I asked her why. She nodded, saying that the climate probably did not match its health. Then she made me promise not to mention the story in front of him. She explained to me that he was hurt by the incident and withdrew into his shell.

     Anyway, a question occurred to me: Was it an Asian elephant or an African one? Then I asked her, “What kind of elephant was that?”

     Looking at me incredulously, perhaps even wondering why I had asked her such an absurd question, she replied immediately.

     “It was a baby elephant.”

     Even though we regret afterwards, there are times we happen to leave some mysteries as without pursuing them any further. Maybe the boy really once had an elephant. Maybe my peer was a compulsive liar, which I didn’t recognize, and was fooled. The mystery still remains.

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Strawberry Daifuku Has Come!

It is believed that thoughts turn into reality. It is called the law of attraction.いちご大福 It was yesterday that my workmate gave me a strawberry daifuku that she had bought at a sweet shop on the way to work.

The strawberry Daifuku which she bought looked familiar. I saw it the day before when I passed the same sweet shop on the way back from the office. It was just a moment but I strongly exclaimed myself, “Wow, that looks delicious!” The vividness of the strawberry daifukus remained in my eyes.

When I told and joked to her that my psychic power had let her to buy them, she seemed convinced and said “Maybe that’s why.” with a smile.

According to her, she once passed by the sweet shop but went back because she felt like something stopped her. She also felt the strawberry daifukus were begging her say “ Buy me, buy me!” So she couldn’t resist and had bought them.

I grinned.

The strawberry daifuku was not too sweet and very delicious as I expected.

I hear the more purer your thoughts are, it is easier for your wishes to come true. I am sure that my wanting the strawberry daifuku was 100% genuine,  with no unnecessary thought. Aha!

Indeed, they were delicious strawberry daifukus.

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The Photo of Fairies

fairyWhen I was organizing data in my pc, I found this photo of fairies that a lady I had met at a workshop forwarded me via e-mail several years ago.

You could see two fairies at the lower left.

I trimmed it to upload on this blog, a girl with a birthday cake was on the original picture. The fairies might have appeared because they were attracted by the festive atmosphere.

Speaking of photos portraying fairies, The Case of the Cottingley Fairies is famous. It created a large controversy when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of Sherlock Holmes series argued that the photos were real and fairies did in fact exist.

The two girls who took the photos, in their later years confessed that four photos out of five were fake, but kept insisting that one of them was real and that they had also in fact seen fairies.

As a child who loved fairy tales and believed in fairies’ existences, I felt very excited when I heard this as a little girl.

When people see this photo, their reactions are split in two. They either are thrilled and exclaim, “Wow, real fairies!” or they dryly remark, “This must be a composite or something.”

How about you?

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