Caohagan Island Travel Report Day 3

You can enjoy fun activities in this island. Ask the staff and they will make arrangements. On my third day, I decided to go snorkeling in the morning, and making coconuts oils in the afternoon.


A view of Caohagan Island from the sea

I went snorkeling with a family who arrived the night before, and M-chan. Caohagan is surrounded by a number of coral reefs and you could enjoy them thanks to the big effort people are making to protect them.

M-chan says that snorkeling was the most fun part after the trip, but I didn’t think so. Maybe my expectations were too high. But floating on the sea felt so good that I realized that my stiff body was loosening up.

In the afternoon, we went out to make coconut oil. We found out our teacher was the fisherman with the kids from the day before.

This is how to make coconuts oil.

1.  First, husk a coconut. If you like, you can drink its juice.

2.   Chip out the white part, and squeeze them.

3.   Boil it and extract coconuts milk.

ココナッツ ココナッツけずる ココナッツミルク ココナッツ煮る オイル






And voila! Beautiful clear coconut oil!


Coconut oils

We made one batch for our skin. When it is burned even more, it becomes edible. It goes with bananas or ice creams but I couldn’t try it on the banana because I’m allergic to it.

Coconut oil making is fun. Girls should try it out!


Afterwards, we went to the beach. We were looking for giant squillas.

Non-overnight tourists are not allowed to come into the island village except for the end of beach, the best view spot of this island. There are some souvenir stores in the spot and its runners’ touting might overwhelm you. The Heaps of shellfish look appealing. I wanted to try some but I daren’t because I didn’t think I could deal with touting myself, and also I was always full after delicious meal served in the main house.


Giant squillas and abalones

A friendly man came up to us and told us he knew a good store for squillas and abalones. We followed him and found out he meant a pan as a “ store”. The man barbecued giant squillas and abalones, and brought them to us with cooled beer bottles. It was so nice drinking San Miguel at the beach under the comfortable  heat of the sun. The squillas and abalones were delicious, too. I felt like I was in heaven.


After we enjoyed the nice delicacies, we relaxed at the beach until sunset. Three sister dogs who came from the main house were romping with each other.

The sunset was so beautiful even though there were some clouds in the sky. Usually I’m not in an environment to look at the sunset in Tokyo. Finally on the third day did I feel the importance of appreciating the beauty of sunsets with my heart.

 夕日とみゆちゃんTo be continued.

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