Atami Travel Report Day 2

朝食Morning of the second day in Atami.

After having a nice morning bath at Otsuki Hotel Wafukan, where we spent a night, we headed to the dining hall to have breakfast.

The splendid breakfast, which was beyond my expectation, excited me. Carefully selected raw egg on rice was the best.  

A couple of university students who were seated a little distance away from us were talking about the philosophy of life based on their own experiences. The entrance exam or interview apparently is the biggest event in life for them. Of course, I thought, they have only lived half the years I have. You’ll experience much more young men. I was feeling a little blue on the last day of my 30’s. I can’t believe I came so far!

Landing on Hatsushima Island!


We headed to Hatsushima Island, which is about 20 minutes away from Atami by ferry. With a nice breeze, I felt good. A line from Olivia wo kikinagara (While listening to Olivia) was repeating in my head.

♪ I didn’t imagine this day was coming…  

I mean it. I’m gonna be forty tomorrow… I still remember when I asked myself, “Am I an elementary student for the rest of my life?” as a third grader since every day seemed too long. But look now. I’m turning to forty all to soon. My hair I just had washed that morning was getting sticky so quickly, and in no time we arrived at Hatsushima Island.

Hatsushima is the closest island from the Kanto Area. Its circumference is about 4 kilometers, and about 250 people live in this island. On disembarking, you will see Shokudogai, the dining street.

We had booked for a camping trailer at the camping villa of the Hatsushima Resort Island. It was early for checking in, so we rested at the lawn at the Asian garden where many hammocks were set up.



SARUTOBI(I don’t know why but I keep calling it Sasuke by mistake.)is an all-out rope athletics course. My well-organized friend, unlike me who always doesn’t have a plan, had pushed SARUTOBI and she was looking forward to trying it. Though you might have to wait for three hours during summer vacation, we didn’t have to wait at all today. So we tried it out.

Once you put a harness into the wire, you can’t quit. So, you need to sign in case of getting injured. I was a little bit worried at first, but soon I realized it was a piece of cake for me. After a while, my friend became quiet and said, “I can’t do this. It’s too scary.” She has run full and ultra marathons and even climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. It surprised me, but I even heard male students making a fuss about the course. Right, the course was full-scale and if you made false step, you could get in a big trouble. But once you start, you have to go on.

After quickly finishing the second course and cheering my friend from the ground, I heard one girl’s voice coming from above, “That lady is already finished! How fast!” The girls started right after me. Now they were shaking like a newborn doe. Waving to them, I grinded to myself: I have lots of experience.

As a kid, I used to run around the hills and played Tarzan. I hung on a tree vine that my brothers cut off from trees growing luxuriantly, and swung shouting like Tarzan. That was the most fun among the play activities in my childhood. I never expected that the experience would help me like this.

There is a expression in the Fukushima dialect called “sasukenee”, which means “not a big deal” or “no problem”. Literally, SASUKE was sasukenee for me. Oh no! It was actually SARUTOBI.

Strolling The Island


After we took a quick bath at Shimanoyu, the hot spring with a view of the ocean, we strolled around and headed off to Shokudo-gai, the daining street, to have a late lunch. This island has no beach so the waves directly hit the rim of the island and roar. I felt rejuvenated, taking a bath and taking a walk in the sound of the wave hitting rocks.


We had seaweed noodle and beer at Sakaya. The wether was fine, a beer after exercise was good, and the simple flavor of the noodle with seaweed, which is the specialty of the island, was delicious. The well-seasoned squid legs served as a complementary dish was great with beer. Only a few people were left in this hour, so we enjoyed talking with the owner of the place. He said he likes traveling all over Japan for sake. He sometimes made jokes, harmless but boring ones. I still remember his tanned smiley face. The place on the bathroom door which said “President’s Office” made me laugh when I went to the bathroom.

The Supermoon


Fighting with mosquitoes, I enjoyed taking a nap in the hammock in front of the trailer we stayed for a night. Dinner here is barbeque and its ingredients are prepared. You can also cook western style nabe by boiling them thoroughly in a pan, ( Actually when you think about it, it is neither western style or nabe. It’s a quite rough dish.) and that’s we chose. The taste was not so bad. While we just kept eating it, a man from the villa brought a cake and a bottle of sparkling wine. My friend had them arranged for me. (Thank you!)


This day that was the last day of my 30’s had a supermoon. It is said to have detox effect.I wanted to release my bad habit of imagining bad things and being worried about them. I could be obsessed with things that have not yet happened. I wanted to stop it. So I made a promise to the full moon.

The only supermarket on the island closes at five. The light-out time here was ten thirty. After finishing all the drinks, we went to bed before the date changed.

To be continued in Day 3.

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