I went to the Kansai area this “Golden Week” for the first time in a few years. I was going to take the bullet train directly after work.

I thought it was a bit chilly in early evening, though it was getting warmer. But I realized I was not wearing a jacket when I tried to get on the bullet train. I left it in the office. Silly me.

I had no way but to get on the train, and at Shin-Osaka, I bought a jacket at UNIQLO. How convenient! Thanks UNIQLO!

I took a subway heading down to Esaka, where the hotel I booked was located. Seeing people lining up on the right side of an escalator, I had a feeling that I was in the Kansai Area now. In Tokyo, people line up on the left side. I also felt the difference of atmosphere between Osaka and Tokyo. But I didn’t have an actual felling that my trip had started yet. I just felt awkward in the foreign atmosphere.

I walked into a yakitori bar on the way to the hotel. It was clean and seemed like a popular place. As a person who is curious about unusual food, I really wanted to try out rare dishes, but unfortunately most were already sold out. So I ordered river sashimi. It was very delicious.

037033The bar was full with regulars and I felt left out. So I was reading the hand-written explanation about the menus on the wall with my eyes squinched to escape boredom. I learned that Sankaku in Osaka is the chicken tail we in Tokyo call Bonjiri, and that Zuri is the chicken gizzard we call Sunagimo. I looked up the bar later on the internet and found that someone wrote that she got the impression that the bar was for regulars. I bet she felt left out like I did too.

But, was it because it Sunday night or not, the regulars would leave quite early. When some left, they said, “I’m gonna go home. Hanzawa Naoki is on soon.” Hanzawa Naoki? Oh, the new dram based on the novel by Jun Ikeido, I soon realized, and felt the nationwide popularity of Hanzawa Naoki and Jun Ikeido’s works.

As I was ruminating about things while sipping a glass of shochu weakened with hot water, the chef brought me slices of cheese as a complimentary service. There was no conversation between us but this gave me a little of comfort.

After a few drinks, I felt unwound from the strains of ordinary life. Night time in Osaka wore on.

Next morning, I was heading to Koyasan. 

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What do you think of when you heard the word “ Energy ”?

Would it be the earth’s resource? Would it be something from physics that you were not good at during your school days?

When I hear the word “energy”, it make me imagine the electricity generated between coils, running like lightning.

On the other hand, we sometimes use the word energetic for people who are lively, or high-spirited. 

In that way, I suppose human beings are existences that possess energy too. I also think that person’s energy can connect with others’ as well.


I possess an energy called Tamara. It is a form of energy that leads people to act positively, and anyone can obtain it once he or she gets receives activation. ※

Though it might be hard to realize its effect without any actual experiences, once you own the energy, you will see that you will obtain information that is exactly you want, and things work in synchronization. It is often said that positive thinking or visualizing makes things better. You would feel that Tamara energy gives a strong boost to the good flow.

Tamara energy makes you capable of healing for yourself and others. Even when others are away from you, you can do remote healing.  

To be honest, it took for some time to ring the bell in me. I had been told that all I had to do was to intend to send the energy without any doubts, because Tamara energy naturally flows. But some say they don’t feel anything when I lay my hands on them, and sometimes it made me worry that people might think of me as a suspicious person.

Yet I gained a real sense of healing when someone fell asleep with my hands laid on them, when someone didn’t feel anything emailed me later telling me that she came to be able to do a Yoga position she couldn’t do before, and when someone said his pain relieved. Interestingly, animals and children get progressively better. 

On the other hand, I feel different depending on the person I am healing. Even though the person says she feels so hot, my hands might feel ice-cold. My intuition often tells me the information about the person.  


When I joined Tamara Workshop, I sent Tamara energy to a terminally ill cancer patient with others based on a request. His family emailed us that he got a little bit better. We were relieved to hear that.

A few days later, as he flashed across my mind, I conducted remote healing for him. I suddenly felt a painful sensation on my palm like electricity had gone through me. Feeling the pain, I raised my shoulder and pulled my arm away. The pain lasted for a while.   

I suppose his energy somehow reacted with the energy I sent. The pain I felt on my palm might have been the pain he faced in his fatal battle with cancer, or his emotions, or something completely different. I don’t know. But I know that there was energy there. Every time I sent him Tamara Energy, I had a tingling sensation on my palm and felt that something reacted to it. It made me convicted again that Tamara Energy does indeed exist.

Sometime later, he passed away. It was even broadcasted because he was involved with that sort of field. I could reminisce what he was like from the video documents on TV. He was still young. I can’t imagine how chagrined he might have felt at leaving this world against his will without fulfilling his life ambition, after fighting fiercely against cancer. However, I heard from someone who knows him well that he lived it out even though he faced such challenge.

I could not but help to be conscious of a person’s life, when I had felt that sensation on my palm. It might be more than that. It might be a passion and also a will for living. Living out one’s life up to the very end is not something easily accomplished.

The incident changed something in me. I cannot explain with words what it was yet. But I’m sure it is something that makes me move forward. He didn’t know me, nor did have any intention to tell me something. But I learned a very important thing from him. I am deeply grateful for that.


※  Tamara Association⇒http://tamara.cc/en/

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I woke up, after seeing a dream in which I was crying.

In the dream, I had bought a reserved-seat ticket and got on a train-like vehicle. I realized that there was still time until the departure. I hate waiting. So leaving my luggage inside, I got off and took a walk. As I started wondering why I left after a while, something struck me. I hurried back to the vehicle, but I found it running like a bus, almost disappearing over the hill. Though I ran after the vehicle, I was not able to catch up to it at all. To get some help, I tried explaining my situation to some local old men, but it was useless. I was so desperate that I cried hard with my fists pounding the ground. Then I woke up.

It was a really uncomfortable dream. Had I been oppressed or something? It doesn’t seem good to have missed the vehicle, which had also taken my luggage. Dreams can be so frustrating because they do not always go the way as I want them too. Sometimes I see dreams that make me wonder why I had done such things in them after I wake up.

A long time ago, a Japanese famous actor appeared in one of my dreams. I suppose sometimes we see dreams in which celebrities you’re not particulary interested in come out. Anyway, the famous actor said to me “ Will you be my girlfriend?”

MH900044988I wonder if what desire of mine it was showing.

I replied, “ Let me think about it.”

Even though it was in a dream, silly me!

Even myself in the dream had regretted not having said, “Yes.” I immediately decided to respond to his feelings for me and went to see him the next day.

In the very moment I was trying to tell him “ Yes!”, he said:

“Please forget about what I said yesterday.”

I was completely beaten and heard myself saying “No way! ” in my heart. But it was useless as it is too late for the bird to scream when it is caught. Then I woke up.

When I told one of my colleagues this story, she burst into laughter, saying that it was “a funny story”. I hadn’t made up the story though. It is a real story happened in my dream. But I don’t need a funny story. I want to dream well at least in my dreams.

I hope I’ll have a nice dream tonight.

Something like rendezvous with Gordon Lam!

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