illust1686Sometimes I feel that the cleaning-up switch in me turns on, but I feel that it has been on for the recent past days.

I organized some things around my front door, sold some books to a second-hand bookstore and threw away old PC and a printer which I hadn’t used for a long time. I cleaned up the kitchen too. After all was done, I felt really good.

I wonder if my energy flow is changing.

Once you clean things up, it becomes hard to ignore bits of dirt or stains. Maybe that’s the key to cleanliness.

Then, I suddenly got an urge to cook. I randomly cooked Thai-style curry, quiche, potato salad, pickles and so on. Even after long hour cooking, the kitchen was kept clean and it made me feel happy.

What is going on with me? Oh, is it because spring has come!?


As I recall, the same card had come up again and again when I picked up a card from The Words for Now cad deck.

Something might happen this spring.

And yes, something that made me feel happy did happen yesterday. One of my friends from my college days emailed me after so long, to say she was reading my blog. That made my day.

I started this blog from a certain reason but I doubted there was anyone who would read my blog whenever I updated it. So the email from my friend encouraged me to keep blogging.

The energy of spring is nice.

I appreciate your reading this blog.

Hope something wonderful thing happens to you this spring too.

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BooksThe other day, Jakucho Setouchi was on a variety TV program. I was looking forward it from the day before, wondering what kind of comments she would make about the recent gossips in show business.

As I wrote in After the rain, what she said in NHK’s life counseling program made a significant impression to me.

The consulter was a woman who was emotionally and mentally distressed because her husband had an affair with her sister and she felt completely felt betrayed by them. Her story was nothing but a tragedy, and most of people must have felt sorry for her and taken her side. I was one of them and felt much offense as her. But when the interviewer asked Jakucho for her opinion, she plainly replied, “Man and woman are fifty-fifty(even).”

“50 / 50 / Maybe” / 人流指示之形 Human Logistics Signage Forms / SML.20130303.7D.24958

I was astonished when I heard this. I still remember that the interviewer seemed to be shocked too, bending towards Jakucho as if she was going to argue against that comment. Not only the interviewer, but most women including me must have felt the same: Why? The man is a horrible person!

But Jakucho, smiling, repeated, herself.

Yeah, maybe she is right. There is no way that either one is the only to be blamed. It takes two to tango.

I was early twenties at that time and much more ignorant of relationships than I am now. But I thought I should remember those words. It could be applied to any kind of relationships, not just between men and women.

Since then, the word by Jakucho is on the top of my inner quotes of wisdom list in my heart.

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 These china pots look like little elephants ♥

These china pots look like little elephants ♥

In Otsuka, there are some nice places you could enjoy sake.

I visited Kushikoma Honten with two girl colleagues to enjoy some sake in a nice, serene atmosphere.

We were led to the second floor, and we found its famous owner sitting in front of the fireplace on the floor, in the center of the room. I had been here once some years ago, but he hadn’t changed a bit. He looked like a hermit. His being there created a curious atmosphere that made me feel like I was in a “wonderland”.

I drink sake but don’t have much knowledge on them, so I chose some based on the images I had of them. Of course, waiters are familiar with sake, so they’ll help you if you ask.

The place was really comfortable and the sake and Otoshi are so delicious. O-toshi are small appetizers that are customarily given at Japanese taverns as a type of cover charge. The ones I had here are one of the best that I’ve ever had.

This was really yummy!

This was really yummy!

When we were enjoying some girl talk over sake, a young man, who is a friend of my workmate, showed up and joined us.

He was leaving for Germany a couple of days later. When I asked him “ Why Germany?”, he told me that it was because he became impressed with the country when he saw it on TV many years ago. He started learning Germen after that, and then recently decided to quit his job and go to the country. His matter-of-fact way of explaining made me feel like it was quite natural that he had chosen Germany and decided to live there. He said he was a little nervous but at the same time, I could felt that he was full of joyful expectations. It reminded me of the excitement I felt when I had started a new life in Ireland, which at the time I was around his age.

Quality time went by slowly while we enjoyed various sake.

Unfiltered sake at right edge is my favorite!

Unfiltered sake at right edge is my favorite!

Everyone couldn’t help saying out loud “ This is so good! ”, after each bite of the nice dishes.

Fresh horse sashimi that melts in the mouth. Stewed cube pork in lightly seasoned but a savory broth.Tarako tempura, which I had for the first time and was amazed by its deliciousness. The liver paste we loved so much that we ordered it twice.

Our party went on until the closing time of Kushikoma. The owner’s wife apologized to us that they had to close for the night.

When the owner gave us discount coupons which were full with playful and creative designs, he told us that he knew something about women who love sake.

Funny coupon

Funny coupon

“What is it?”, I asked.

“They tend to get married late.”

Mmmm. I see.

Kushikoma‘s website⇒ http://www.kushikoma.co

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