満月Tokyo was hit with heavy snow, and heavy rain afterwards. I was crazily busy at work today because of confusion caused by the weather.  By the time I had arrived at the near-by station from my apartment after work, it was already dark outside. I looked up at the sky and found the round moon behind the thin clouds. The moon looked like it was in the spotlight , with the clouds reflecting its moonlights. It was so beautiful that I stopped walking and stared at it for a while.

Then I realized that it was a full moon.

I am not very good with the full moon. It’s not that I don’t like it. Of course I love it. But it causes my body to react to it. It’s not like my body gets hairy or that my body transforms, but something goes wrong with me whenever the full moon appears.

It sometimes makes me feel completely irritated. It sometimes makes me feel very heavy and sluggish. It sometimes makes me feel depressed and pessimistic.

With no particular reasons, I feel that there goes something wrong with me. Whenever I look up at the sky when I am lost, I always find the full moon there.

After a while, I figured out that I had a problem with the full moon. Strictly speaking from my own research, I feel troubled with my body and emotions two days before the full moon. Approximately two days before, my friend who was worried about me asked ” What’s eating you? You sound so pessimistic today!” Ha-ha.

It is often said that humans are affected by the rhythm of nature, such as the waxing and wailing of the moon, or the rising and falling of the tide. I had heard that on the day of the full moon, a lot of traffic accidents or mysterious happenings would occur, on the other hand, a lot of babies are born.

It has been about three years since I began realizing the influence that the moves of the moon has on me. Before the full moon, especially two days before, I feel there is something wrong with me, but how wrong it would be would depends on the month. I have no idea what causes the difference. The movement of stars might have some connections with it.

Last month, the influence of the full moon was huge. Suddenly, I was seized with sadness and felt like crying. I felt so lonely and could not seem to find any hopes for the future.

While I felt emotionally distressed, I look for its cause in my mind. Did anything happen to make me feel sad? I traced my memory but there was nothing. It was as if a big, rootless tree of sadness had grown from my heart.

Suddenly I remembered about the moon, and checked my diary which I hadn’t opened for a while, and found out that it was two days before the full moon.

Oh, the full moon! It tortures me too, not just the werewolves. What I should do?

Not even aware of the pain I feel, the full moon shines again tonight, making me envious of its beautiful brightness.


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I moved into an apartment that was built a few years before. Though every room seemed to have better furnishings than my former accommodation that was already more than forty years old, I came to like the apartment which I moved in at first glance, over all the several other apartments that I had seen. The apartment had only one-bed room and was smaller than my older apartment but I was OK with it. Facing a turning point in my life at that time, I was trying to make another start by moving into a new apartment.

Soon after I moved into the apartment, I went to see a chiropractic, being lured by its coupon I had found. He was a man who’d brag of his skills and medical equipment. He told me that famous athletes and actresses were his clients and that the expensive power stone bracelets that he sold there were popular among them. I had once actually seen a very popular football player wearing the bracelet on TV, so I guess that is true.

He claimed to me that he has a sixth sense. For instance, he had once predicted to one of his clients that she would receive marriage proposals from three men in the next month. And she didn’t believe it at all but it indeed happened so she phoned to tell him that she was getting married to one of them. So I asked him about my marriage. He said, “ Can I be honest? It’s going to take for some years.” I was very disappointed to hear that. Unfortunately, it may be true.

As soon as he saw my address I had filled in the information form, he said aloud “Oh no, the room is no good. Don’t you feel like things are not going well, don’t you? I don’t think you should keep staying in the room. You’d better move.”

I wouldn’t say I was extremely unhappy, but felt like things were not working out as I wanted to them to. Because I couldn’t keep up with the many unexpected changes in my life, I felt stuck. Was it because of the room? Would things work out if I moved? No, I couldn’t afford after I just moved to the room. Now I was being haunted by anxiety, clueless on what to do,  but I asked him anyway why he thought the room was so bad.000291-450x337

He pointed out to me that the room number is 02.

He insisted that the room number 02 brings misfortune. His friend who had lived in a room 02 suffered misfortune one after another. Relationships wouldn’t work either in the room 02. He theorized that, though the facts remain unclear, people who lived in room 02s were supposed to suffer all kinds of misfortune. I had been suspicious, but his next words freaked me out.

 “The most horrifying thing is that once you live in a room 02, you can’t get out of the spiral of living in other rooms that end in 02.”

In previous apartment, which is a reminiscent of the Showa era, my room number was 202. The apartment I had lived before that was also 202 and the very first apartment I had lived when I was still a university student was 202 too. Did this mean I was caught up in the spiral? Is that why I’m not married yet?

Literally speaking, I couldn’t afford to move then. When I told him so, he looked troubled. But then he taught me the way to avoid disasters. I remember it was something like rubbing your body in bath while repeating some spells. That sounded so freaky, that it made me feel like I was facing a big deal. I felt even more depressed.

Despite having received physical therapy, I came home with more emotional stress than I had before I left. I found some junk mail in my letterbox to the former inhabitant of my room. Sometimes, letters for a man and a woman with different last names arrived. Considering of the age of this apartment, the former inhabitant had to be only single person or a couple. Were the man and woman a couple? Did they break up and move because of the room 02’s bad omen’s? My imaginations ran wild.

I didn’t know what to do, so I e-mailed two close psychics of mine whom I trusted, and asked what they thought. Not like I needed a diagnosis, but I was hoping to hear some second opinions on this sort of subject.

Both of them replied with disarming simplicity that I needn’t worry. In other words, it meant that things turned out differently depending on how you look at them. After regaining some assurance, I decided not to worry about what the chiropractic had said.

It was also around then that I had just changed jobs and was going to be sent to one of the new offices. It was a small one. The manager told me about it with deep sentiments.

“It’s a small office. But our company began from this place. Room 202.”

When I heard this I screamed in my mind and had almost fainted.

It’s been a couple years since then, I still live in the same room. I’m happy with it. I have one more funny story to tell, and my life now is not so bad after all.



It is believed that thoughts turn into reality. It is called the law of attraction.いちご大福 It was yesterday that my workmate gave me a strawberry daifuku that she had bought at a sweet shop on the way to work.

The strawberry Daifuku which she bought looked familiar. I saw it the day before when I passed the same sweet shop on the way back from the office. It was just a moment but I strongly exclaimed myself, “Wow, that looks delicious!” The vividness of the strawberry daifukus remained in my eyes.

When I told and joked to her that my psychic power had let her to buy them, she seemed convinced and said “Maybe that’s why.” with a smile.

According to her, she once passed by the sweet shop but went back because she felt like something stopped her. She also felt the strawberry daifukus were begging her say “ Buy me, buy me!” So she couldn’t resist and had bought them.

I grinned.

The strawberry daifuku was not too sweet and very delicious as I expected.

I hear the more purer your thoughts are, it is easier for your wishes to come true. I am sure that my wanting the strawberry daifuku was 100% genuine,  with no unnecessary thought. Aha!

Indeed, they were delicious strawberry daifukus.

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