The Sorting Hat

I went to a Harry Potter exhibition in Roppongi.

There were few children, as summer vacation had not started yet.
 So I didn’t hesitate to volunteer for trying on the sorting hat, and luckily I was chosen.

When a guide asked me which house I wanted to be sorted into, I didn’t have a particular one in mind, but I had an image that Hufflepuff wasn’t cool so much.
 So I said, “I would be happy to join any house as long as it’s not Hufflepuff.”

The sorting hat announced its choice, “ Ravenclaw !”

Harry PotterI was pretty happy for the call and felt good to be a member of the smart fellows.

Next day, I told someone that I was sorted into Ravenclaw. He said “It doesn’t fit my image. I would put you in Hufflupuff .”
I got shocked and asked ” Why?”
He stammered for a moment and continued ” Well, you’re friendly and blablabla…”
Nothing of what he said made me feel better. It wasn’t like he knew something special about Hufflepuff that could make me want to join the house. It was obvious that he didn’t think Hufflepuff was cool at all.
What on earth does he think of me?

Then I asked another person which house would be for me.
 She said, “It’s a hard question because there are only four houses.
 Good wizards for Griffindor, evil ones for Slytherin, super smart ones for Ravenclaw and losers for Hufflepuff.”

Well, I know I’m neither the Griffindole type nor the Slytherin type. Maybe I’m not smart enough for her and surely she thinks the Hufflepuffes are losers anyway. They totally blew my day.

Harry Potter : The EXHIBITION

I kept asking the question to Harry Potter fans around me.
Some said “Ravenclaw” with warmth. Others, especially kids, said “Hufflepuff” without hesitation and it hurt my feeling a bit.

However, the more I got to know about Hufflepuff, the more I came to like the house.
Hufflepuff has produced the fewest number of dark wizards than any other house.
Unlike the Ravenclaws, most of the Hufflepuffs stayed and fought with the Griffindors against Voldemort and his forces in defense of their school, Hogwarts. They were neither showing off nor being reckless. They just wanted to help and showed their loyalty.

The author, J.K. Rowling says Hufflepuff is her favorite house in an interview answering to the question: “What would you say to people who are disappointed that they have been sorted into Hufflepuff on Pottermore?”

Pottermore is a website launched by J. K. Rowling, partnered with Sony to develop the site. On this site, you will be sorted into one of the four houses by answering some questions.

Once I was sorted into Ravenclaw, but people’s reaction casted doubt on the call.
Am I a Ravenclaw or a Hufflepuff?
I decided to entrust Pottermore with the answer.

Now I’m officially a Hufflepuff and I’m proud of it!

Harry Potter


I returned to Fukushima for the first time in a while.
It’s been incredibly hot this summer in Japan.
It was also hot in Fukushima, but there was something different from the simmering heat in Tokyo.

Since the quake, Fukushima has become the focus of worldwide attention.
However, the range of everyday life unfolding in the diverse area cannot be summarized in one way.

What I know might be just a small part of Fukushima, but even so it’s enough for me to love Fukushima, my home.

At the supermarket near my parents’, I found  some Rakuo’s café au lait, which is local delicacy.
It took me on a trip down memory lane. It’s mild, it’s yummy!
 When you come to visit Fukushima, why not try it!



My recent themes are to write and to convey something.  I’ve been thinking of a way to make them happen, and came up with the idea of blogging. So I decided to start this blog.
My direction is not clear yet, but my first goal is to just keep blogging. Anyway, let’s get rolling! Yoroshiku!!

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